Rabu, 19 Agustus 2015

How to make your House Smell Fresh

If you like pleasant aromas and want to know how perfume your home, do not worry. Here I leave some ideas of home air fresheners that your home has a pleasant smell for both you and your visitors.

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These are simple tricks to scent your home, without having to spend large amounts of money in buying chemicals and air fresheners environments. With these tricks will achieve perfume each room in your house.

Essential oil to scent the house

If you want each corner of your home is imbued with pleasant aromas, I recommend you use essential oils. All you have to do is prepare a homemade air freshener: dilute well in eight ounces of water twenty drops of lavender essential oil and then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Finally home freshener apply to every corner of your home and should always do after finishing with cleaning their rooms thus will have a cool and pleasant atmosphere. Sure you can choose other essences and perfumes really are to their liking.

Vinegar to remove odors in the kitchen

Prepare cauliflower or onions cook a steak can be a treat, but the smell and smoke of cooking are two enemies of the good smell in the house. To completely eliminate odors originating from cooking food, I recommend that resort to vinegar. Vinegar is a great ally to clean the house, especially the kitchen. All you have to do is: in a tank mix equal parts water and vinegar, then place the container in your kitchen and leave it to absorb odors. If desired, add to the mix some mint leaves.

Pleasant scents in the bedroom

If you want to have in your room pleasant aromas, it can be supported with the help of the bedding. One of the best options is: take a wet towel, then add several drops of essential oil and then place the towel into the dryer along with the sheets. Another option is take a cotton swab that is, then maybe the essential oil of jasmine, lavender or cinnamon and then place the swab inside the pillowcase. These two options are ideal to properly perfume your room or atmosphere for a lovely romantic evening. To more info about Bedroom Decor visit Homeselegant.com .

How bath deodorize

If you want to always have a scented bath room needs a deposit that is plastic and a lid. What you should do is this: at the top make several holes, then fill the tank halfway with baking soda and add several drops of essential oil to scent the environment and absorb odors. To renew the fragrance just you have to shake the container every three days. Alternatively: Take a cotton swab and empápalo essential oil, then wipe the swab on the roll of toilet paper.